Handicrafts are suitable for every occassion.

Artlandia provides host services for various handicrafts. We are able to adapt the topic and difficulty of the workshops based on the age of children. Workshop techniques are every time new and unique, we never do the same thing unless the client requires it. We have a graduate set-designer for creating the workshop techniques. The set-designer masters several techniques and can choose which material and techniques should be used for that specific occassion. We have experience from several events and can adapt to the exterior and interior conditions. We offer the handicrafts for several hours, for the day-long company or school events, as well as for a few days – within a festival or a long-term project depending on the particular order.

Are you planning to reward your employees and make their families happy?

We will organise an event including dramaturgy, staff, material and technical equipment for you. We can create the programme custom-made to any age category of children and we focus on the particular requirements of the customer. Except of the programme consisting of handicrafts, activities or games we also provide dramaturgy of a music, dance and theatre programme of artistic productions, decorating the space of the event and others.

Popular events are for example:

Family Day, company sports games, Children´s Day, Saint Nicholas Day, Easter and others
If the client is not interested in having te whole event organised, we can also provide just partial support and provide services in any of the mentioned categories. According to requirements we can adapt the idea of the customer and complete the total image of the event.

Are you planning to reward the pupils but you do not know how?

We will prepare the whole programme custom-made for you. Outdoor attractions, sports games and interactive games, entertaining theatre plays, music performances and unforgettable fairy-tale and story readings. We will provide tasty catering services and, of course, the handicrafts will be a part of the programme. Children will create unique products in their own hand under the supervision of qualified lecturers and will take those home with them.

Would you like to enjoy the wedding of your friends?

Or are you preparing your own one and want to make sure everything goes right? Wedding babysitting is the right choice for you. Of course, the children will not be isolated from the wedding itself – they will be a part of it. There will be an alternative programme for them – in the children´s zone they will find the space for fun and various games. Professional hosts will spend the time with them and fulfil all of their wishes.

Make your wedding unforgettable also for the children!

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