Is the birthday day of your child approaching? Would you like to prepare an unforgettable birthday party for him/her but you do not know where to start? Artlandia can organise a complete custom-made birthday party for your child. Tell us what he/she likes and what your idea is and we will take care of everything else.

What programme is the most suitable for the child?

Is he/she a crazy energetic sports person or a talented fine-artist? A small princess or a curious discoverer? When making the programme, it is very important to take the child´s interests into account. Based on them we can create activities, that the children will enjoy doing for several hours. Except of the interests, it is also necessary to know the age of the kids, that will be there at the birthday party. Artlandia offers handicrafts with different stages of complexity – from the easiest techniques to the difficult ones primarily made for teenagers. Repertoire of the drama performances and readings, hosts or magicians and other artistic activities also build the programme for various age categories. A part of every child´s birthday party is also taking pictures, which will make a nice memory for the kids.

Are you thinking of a suitable place for the children´s party?

We will make it easier for you. We will ensure a decorated space with a theatre stage, a fine-arts room or a sports hall. Children will be able to play sports or interactive games in our area. During the parties we care about safety of the children and the area is closed. In case you are interested in having the party in your own space, we will be happy to get to know the space and organise the birthday party at your place – according to your wishes.

The kids will not be hungry for sure during the birthday party of Artlandia

On demand we cooperate with several gastro-shops, where a tasty cake, sweet and salty pies or other healthy refreshments can be prepared.

The children never get bored with our hosts

You will be able to choose from our experienced and qualified hosts with years of experience in the field of working with children. Hosts of Artlandia attended an arts school, free-time activities focused on the arts, they are studying at a high school or a university in the field of arts and have much experience and a relationship to children. The hosts do not have to strictly keep the plan of the party, they know the techniques and the programme and are flexible enough to adopt the requirements of the children during the parties. The purpose of Artlandia is to keep a good and friendly relationship with the hosts and pass it on the work with kids. Artlandia is also able to provide other-language-speaking hosts.

We believe you will be more than satisfied with the ratio of price and quality

The choice is on you. You can either choose a classical party or a special one. The types of parties consist of combinations of the most popular and most often ordered activities for children. The programme as well as the activities are changeable and it is possible to add other various activities to the programme. If you are interested in having a custom-made party, contact us and let us create a special party just for you. Write us an e-mail with your requirements and we will create a party according to your taste. We are already looking forward to our cooperation.

Basic birthday party for 10 children for 3 hours without ensuring the party space

from 189.00,-€

(2 hosts, handicrafts, face-painting, interactive or sports games and competitions, balloons for children, person in charge at the spot including the transport and taking photographs)

Extended version of the birthday party for 10 children for 3 hours with the party space

from 269.00,-€

(2 hosts, handicrafts, face-painting, interactive game and treasure hunt or sports games and competitions, balloons for children, rent of the space with basic decorations, person in charge at the spot and taking photographs)

Creating an individual creative custom-made concept

Price of every celebration/party is individual and depends on the number of children, space, programme, refreshments, number of hosts, decorations or other additional services and activities. In case, the basic party or the special party do not meet your requirements and you are interested in having a creative custom-made concept, please fill out the order form or contact us by phone, tell us your idea of the party and we will send you a preliminary budget proposal and programme as soon as possible. Afterwards we will be happy do adjust it according to your needs. We are looking forward to our cooperation.

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